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Helping You Maximize Your Potential

 For over 25 years I have mentored people to help them break through the obstacles that seem to be holding them back.  Life's too short to be unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled. Let me help you learn and develop better ways to handle the issues that are standing in the way of your goals. Get in touch today to see what I can do for you.


Our Vision: Transformational Coaching! 

We help individuals and teams find and live out of their true identities, focus on strengths, covering their weaknesses, fully engaged, fueled by joy, creating significance and financial security to live their best life.


I love to help my clients discover their true Identities, find freedom, and live an abundant life.  I want to help every client make money with a triple bottom line:  1) To Create Generations, 2) To have a Social Impact, 3) To-Do Significant and Profitable Work. 

You can live an integrated work and personal life and I want to help you reach your triple bottom line, making significance - not just money while leaving a legacy!

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As a Leadership Coach, I train with complete confidence, by engaging and energizing others using exciting and vivid descriptions, turning ideas into concrete actions with contagious enthusiasm.

Qualifications Snapshot

  • ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

  • Certified Strengths Champion

  • WeAlign Executive Coach

  • Director of Staff Development for Congressional Office

  • Member, International Coaching Federation 

  • Adept with Gallup CliftonStrengths, DISC, MBTI assessments.

  • Excellent team facilitator

  • 10 years serving as a US Army Blackhawk helicopter Pilot, Maintenence Test Pilot, and Warrant Officer.

  • Over 23 years in mentoring, team leading, and leader development in a Non-profit role

  • 3 Years of Strengths-Based Leadership Coaching

  • 7 years of One-on-One Mentoring small business C-Suite owner/operators.

  • 7 years Crossfit Fitness Coach

  • Happily married for 31+ years

Bill currently resides in Destin, Florida with his bride, Anna, and has one adult son, Samuel who lives in Junea, Alaska.

I love to help my clients discover their true Identities and learn to live a life focused on strengths while covering their weaknesses. Let me help you live an abundant life, living fully engaged, fueled by joy, where you live, work, and play!

If you’re interested, I’ll be happy to show you a powerful way to do that.


Strengths Alignment Course - Review

3 Questions in 3 Mins -  with Teddy Batarao from Tecaba Tech - Destin, FL

Client Testimonials



“Coaching gave me a language that has helped me communicate what was true about me in a form others could understand.”

Teddy Batarao


Milita Fitness, CFO

“Strength Finders coaching has brought us life-changing awareness, not only in our marriage but in business as well.”

Jessie Brown


CEO The Range Project

Ex-Special Forces Operator

"Bill Mason forced us to figure out why Monday’s sucked and how we could start to implement a real solution."

Brandon Graves


Senior Technical Specialist, Teacaba Tech

I can’t begin to accurately put into words how much clarity I was able to receive from my coaching sessions with Bill.

He gave me the tools I needed to turn what I found were my weakest characteristics into fuel for skills I had an aptitude for which has helped me in countless facets of my life.

Akeem Honors


CEO The Motorman, LLC

Bill Mason understands people. I have utilized his coaching services and attribute a considerable rise in my productivity to his professional analyses. I would highly recommend his services to any company or organization that values their staff, and the optimization of their skills. He is a brilliant, brass tax, upstanding guy. I would definitely hire him again.

Joe Weiss


Captain, United States Army

I just finished doing 7+ hours of Clifton StrengthsFinder coaching with Bill, and found it invaluable! He is patient, asks great questions, and really helped me get to know my strengths. That knowledge has helped me get through a demanding graduate school program at Johns Hopkins SAIS and given me a greater understanding of why certain things are frustrating to me while others come easy. Comparing my strengths with my wife’s further enhanced my understanding of our relationship and explains why our areas that align come so easy, while others bring conflict.

Chris Grauel


Physician/Surgeon, Writer, Entreprenuer

Bill is an incredibly gifted coach. I met Bill through a mutual friend. He has a dynamic passion for sacrificially helping others maximize their God-given abilities and help them clarify their purpose and vision. Bill has great insight and through his many years of experience, is readily able to identify strengths and weaknesses, and help clients align their efforts with their strengths in ways that maximize their abilities. He helps teach clients how to interact effectively with others on their teams who differ in strengths and weakness in ways that would ordinarily cause friction and disharmony. I thoroughly enjoyed our coaching sessions and highly recommend Bill's services for you or your organization.

Omar Hamada


Real Estate Agent

I have worked with Bill on multiple occasions and I can’t possibly put in a review how great he is as a person and as a coach. He knows people and what they need. He is a great listener and he is constantly improving to get better at his craft. Bill’s coaching has been pivotal and life changing for me personally, for my family, and my business. I would recommend him and his services to anyone without hesitation.

Jacobe Kendrick


CPA/CFO Bank of England

I meet with Bill on a regular basis and look forward to our meetings. Bill has a special talent for helping me refine priorities and focus on those priorities. I recommend any businessman or woman that wants to excel to use Bill Mason as a Coach.

Matt Turpin