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Are you Ready to become a more Courageous Leader?

YES! I want to register for a free "Fear Buster" Breakthrough Coaching Session Today!

RFC - Life Goals,  Look Back 10 & 1 Year - Look Forward 10 & 1 Year - Workbook

 2023 Team Goal Setting Workshop!

Are you tired of setting goals that never seem to stick? Do you and your team struggle to stay motivated and on track?

Our workshop is here to help!

Our proven process will guide you and your team through the steps of setting SMART-AA goals, creating an action plan, and establishing accountability to ensure that your goals are not only set but also achieved.

Our experienced facilitators have helped many teams set and achieve their goals, and we are excited to bring our expertise to your team.

We only have 4 workshops left!  Sign up by Jan 10th!

If you would like discuss setting up a workshop or get more information, call me @ 850-855-3430, or email me at

Hi, I'm

Bill Mason

Our clients use strengths to bring people together and resolve conflict. Our clients increase their leadership confidence, overcome limiting beliefs, discover greater work/life balance, and take their teams from good to great! As a Strengths Leadership Coach, I function as a guide at my client's side, assisting them in setting and achieving goals that they previously believed were out of reach.

I love to coach leaders who are excited to change, ready to take on a challenge, unsure how to get where they want to go, but are willing to take some risks and are ready to start iterating to awesome!


To lead confidently, you must align the needs of your role with your natural strengths, talents, and preferences. Life is too short to waste it doing what you hate! Everyone has a unique set of strengths and preferences...


Taking advantage of your unique design creates the confidence to lead boldly. Understanding "Who You Are" and "Who You Are Not" will maximize your energy, reduce conflicts, and lead to a more fulfilling life.


We are able to do this through assessments, leadership coaching, ninja neuroscience, and truth building. Why "Courageous Leaders?" watch the video to get my answer...

Some of my Certifications...

What Our Clients Say...

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We had RocketFuel do our entire organization and it was great to discover our teams' strengths and weaknesses. The guided discussions and training gave us opportunities to open up about the areas we were doing well and have hard conversations about areas where folks felt judged. Our team is more self-aware and light years ahead of other orgs from an EQ perspective, which allows us to operate better and service our clients with a more personal touch.

Teddy Batarao
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Bill's coaching services were a game changer for our unit, both on an individual and organizational level.   Our group sessions helped us breakdown some organizational barriers and set clearer goals for our future!

It was the best investment we’ve made in our squadron. I highly recommend this service to any organization that wants to accelerate its progress journey to success!

14th WS Patch
Jacoby Baker, LTC
14th Weapons Squadron USAF "Top Gun" Squadron Commander
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“Strength Finders coaching has brought us life-changing awareness, not only in our marriage but in business as well.”

Milita Fitness, CFO
Jessie Bowen
Milita Fitness, CFO
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I have been using Bill as a business performance coach for several months now, and it has been a great experience. Bill has helped me with a variety of things — talking through business challenges, understanding the strengths and dynamics of myself and the people on my team, and planning for the future. I highly recommend him.

Jason Carter
Jason Carter
CEO/FOUNDER, Carter Builders
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"Bill Mason forced us to figure out why Monday’s sucked and how we could start to implement a real solution."

CEO The Range Project
Brandon Graves
CEO The Range Project, Ex-Special Forces Operator
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"He gave me the tools I needed to turn what I found were my weakest characteristics into rocket fuel for my success.  I had a new aptitude for which has helped me in countless facets of my life."

Senior Technical Specialist, Teacoba Tech
Akeem Honors
Senior Technical Specialist, Teacaba Tech
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Bill is an amazing coach! He helped unpack my strengths and how they all interact together, which gave me tremendous insights into how I lead and why. I retired from the Air Force with over 25 years of service having commanded at multiple levels, and I have gone through a ton of leadership training and coaching. However, none came close to the quality or practicality of Bill's coaching. It will take you to another level personally and make you a much better leader. His coaching is like adding rocket fuel to your engine and it pays for itself many times over in the results you get! Just do it!

Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 3.11.31 PM
Dan Waters
USAF LTC Retired, Business Entrepreneur
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"Bill Mason understands people. I have utilized his coaching services and attribute a considerable rise in my productivity to his professional analyses."

CEO The Motorman, LLC
Joe Weiss
CEO The Motorman, LLC
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"I just finished doing 7+ hours of Clifton StrengthsFinder coaching with Bill, and found it invaluable! He is patient, asks great questions, and really helped me get to know my strengths."

Captain, United States Army
Chris Grauel
Captain, United States Army
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Bill is an outstanding coach and mentor! He skillfully facilitated my understanding of my strengths and how they can be utilized to make me a stronger leader and asset to pretty much any team. He put into perspective how my and other people’s strengths and weaknesses interact and play off of each other, that I also might avoid pitfalls. Highly recommend him for anyone one that is looking to better themselves or their endeavors.

Drew Heidt
MSgt, 14th WS School House
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My time with Bill is a regular investment in my marriage and career life. Bill does a great job at listing and helping refine priorities based on my strengths.

Matt Turpin
Matt Turpin
CFO, Bank of England


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